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Overview of the Institution

Imed Surgical Technology LLC. was established in 2006 in the state of New Jersey in the city of Fort Lee by Tamer Işın. The aim of the company is to develop and produce new generations of orthopedic fixators. The company’s flagship invention is “ADAM FRAME Computer Aided Quadrilateral Octagonal External Fixator”. The biggest difference of this fixator from other fixators in the sector is that it is computer-aided, and the great mobility provided by 8 arms. It is the easiest method to use and apply among existing ex-fixes and has the highest treatment percentage. The patent of the fixator belongs to Tamer Işın. There are four existing and ongoing R&D projects, two of which are publicly supported and the other two are continuing as well. In 2017, in order to continue to carry out R&D activities in Turkey, the company is established as “Imed Surgical Technology” in Hacettepe Technopolis . On the hundredth day of the company’s founding, in Horizon 2020 activities of The Open and Disruptive Innovation (ODI) scheme categories in Phase 1, Imed has been the European 3rd and received the highest score so far among the projects which received wide acceptance from Turkey. The company received “Seal of Excellence” in 2019 in the Horizon 2020 Phase 2 category. Since then, Imed has been continuing its R&D and innovation studies by developing software and personalized implants to be used in orthopedics.

Today the company has 3 offices as an headquarter & sales office, a production facility with an assembly unit & warehouse in Ankara and a software development office in Samsun. The sales team of 5 is directed by an experienced sales manager with an extensive background (20 years in the field) in the orthopedics sector. Imed has 2 scientific advisors (an experienced orthopedist & an industrial engineering professor) and a senior IP Strategists and Patent & Trademark Attorney and a business coach in the Advisory Board.
Imed has 5 trademarks, 3 different external fixator product lines, spare parts and 2 different software in the orthopedics field. The company has awarded by R&D projects/products by national and international research & commercialization programmers including Horizon2020.